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Oakland, CA-based LEGO artist Alex Eylar uses LEGO bricks and minifigs to faithfully recreate iconic movie scenes - a very impressive feat for little pieces of plastic. BuzzFeed recently paired 35 of Alex’s LEGO scenes with corresponding screenshots from the original films, representing over 100 years of movie magic. Click here to view them all.

Then head over to Alex Eylar’s Flickr stream to view even more of his geektastic LEGO creations.

[via Neatorama and BuzzFeed]

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Look at Man of Steel Lego sets: Will Lois Lane appear?



With the Man of Steel movie out in less than 5 months we are seeing more and more merchandise. We knew that some of that would be tie-in sets from Lego. 

But as the toys leaked I wondered if we would see any toys with Lois Lane.

We have an answer.

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Lois Lane figures of any kind are…well, non-existent. So you’d better believe I’ll be getting this!


(Source: supermansupersite.com)