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Anybody thinking of buying Star Wars Kinect? Perhaps this will dissuade you.

Um… okay. Star Wars kinect also has a dance component where you dance along with scantily clad aliens (Kirk would love that). It also includes parody version of at least one song (see above) where instead of Hollerback Girl you dance to Hologram Girl. 

I still want to play with light sabres…

(via geekmythology)



Film, comic and gaming universes all gather on the same battlefield in Josip Kelava’s beautiful set of Hero / Villain typographic posters. (Detail Shots)

This little project is a showcase of all my favorite characters, both friendly and foe, as typographic posters representing a little of what they are about.” - Josip

Heroes and Villains by Josip Kelava (Behance) (Twitter)